Monica Nyiraguhabwa

Monica has over ten years of experience in the areas of girls’ education and social empowerment. She is skilled in fundraising, leading and organizing trainings and educational campaigns, community mobilization, human relations, and facilitation. Monica holds an MA in Education, Gender and International Development from the University College of London and a BA in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University. She is an Obama Africa Leader Fellow, Perennial Fellow, Cordes Fellow, and African Visionary Fellow.

Executive Director & Co-Founder


Clare Tusingwire

Head of Programs

Clare is a passionate community worker and a graduate in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University. She has devoted her life to inspiring people. For nine years, Clare has been reaching out to people in different communities in Uganda and changing their lives. She previously worked at the Maendeleo Foundation and the AIDS Information Center before joining Bead for Life as Membership Officer where she worked for the past seven years. Having a stutter in her speech at a tender age never discouraged her from achieving her dream of public speaking and guiding and counseling individuals.


Jane Tushabe

Finance & Administration Officer

Jane is a graduate of Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University Kampala. She is self-driven, committed, and dedicated to her work as an Accountant. She is passionate about helping and encouraging young girls to stay in school and realize their dreams no matter their situation. She is motivated to continue her support of GUIU as we realize our mission and vision to live in a gender-equal world. Jane is currently pursuing a Certified Public Accountancy course as part of her professional development.

Teopista Nakiguli

Accounting Officer

Teopista is currently pursuing a Certified Public Accounting certification as part of her professional development. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from Kyambogo University. She is self-motivated, hardworking, and goal-oriented, and has a passion for work that benefits her community.


Allan Denis Zziwa

Program Officer, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning 

Allan is currently enrolled in a Master in Management Studies (MMS) at Uganda Management Institute and a graduate from Makerere University with a BA in Adult and Community Education. He has skills in monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, leadership, facilitation, community mobilization, and human relations among others. He is an advocate for women's rights and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights on a regional and national level. Allan has received a number of leadership certificates from high school and university, and he currently serves as a leader for the men’s fellowship (MOV). Allan is also passionate about human rights, community work, research, music, family and positive parenting.

Kevin Prossy Nabukalu

Program Officer, SheLeads 

Kevin holds a Bachelors's Degree with Honors in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University. She is very passionate about working closely with young people, especially the girl child, through mentorship and personal empowerment.  

Miriam Akera 

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning  Officer, SheLeads Program

Miriam holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Kyambogo University and a master's in Economic Policy Management from Makerere University. She has been working as a field officer throughout Uganda with IPA, UBOS, and other research firms for the past 7 years. Miriam has a great interest in development work, working with young people, and seeing their lives transform for the better. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book and exploring the beauty of nature. 

Mia Serpico

Development & Communications Associate

Since 2018, Mia has supported the work of various NGOs from urban food security initiatives to refugee resettlement and cultural preservation programs throughout the U.S and abroad. She is a champion for the equality of all genders and is passionate about incorporating trauma-informed practices into organizations. Mia also advocates for a future where globalization and international affairs are more focused on grassroots, local, and community-based projects. She loves hiking, reading, and cooking and is a proud doggy mamma to Shiloh.


Marion Achom 

Senior Program Officer, Adolescents Girls Program & Mazuri Designs Hub

Marion graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education. She has experience volunteering with the Uganda Red Cross and volunteered with GUIU before being hired full-time. Marion is passionate about working with young people and is very dedicated to everything that she does. She is a professional trainer in re-useable pads making and has passed on the skill to many within Uganda. Marion enjoys sharing the word of God during her free time and enjoys traveling and watching movies.

Hajara Namuyimbwa

Program Officer, Adolescent Girls Program

Hajara holds a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion from Uganda Martyrs University and a Diploma in Nursing and Health Sciences. She has extensive hands-on experience and knowledge in various fields of medicine, especially around the issues of sexual and reproductive health and community health work. She is passionate about health promotion and the well-being of communities, especially among young people.

Joan Atimango

Program Officer, Big Sister Network, Child Protection Lead

Joan is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education. She is passionate about girls’ and women’s rights and uses her voice as a tool for advocacy. She also believes that through education and mentorship, great change will be created. Joan is a trained facilitator and an excellent team player. She enjoys sharing information and knowledge through her facilitations and podcasts. Joan is passionate about digital storytelling, counseling, reading, writing, and singing.


Ivan Kenneth Opio

Media and Communication Officer

Ivan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University. He is a visual data developer passionate about using digital platforms to influence positive social change, particularly focusing on sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence prevention, and human rights. He has helped strengthen GUIU's online presence by creating social media content, such as storytelling videos, podcasts, vlogs, graphics, and photographs. He believes social media is a great influencing tool in this digital era because new technologies are always coming on board, and we should learn to embrace them.


Shallon Nayebare

Program Officer, Ni-Yetu Youth Program

Shallon holds a bachelor's degree of Adult and Community Education from Makerere University and started her career development work with Girl Up Initiative Uganda. As a Program Officer for the Ni-Yetu Youth Program, she has built capacity for youths in Kampala with knowledge on reproductive health and violence prevention measures. She enjoys working with other actors such as police and local health workers to provide a conducive environment for young people to access services. Shallon is a lover of children, and in her free time she enjoys engaging within her community.

Clare Natukunda

Program Associate, Ni-Yetu Youth Program

Clare holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Science from Kyambogo University and a certificate diploma in Business Studies from YMCA Kampala. She is very passionate about providing psychosocial support to the victims and survivors of gender-based violence in her community. She also gets motivated when providing support and mentorship to the young women entrepreneurs when learning about business concepts.

Dorothy Nafula

Program Associa, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Dorothy is a graduate of Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. She is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation at Uganda Management Institute. She is a very dedicated young woman who enjoys working with data, and has skills in tools development, report writing, and working with girls to create positive change. In her time off from work, she likes traveling, spending time with loved ones, and meeting new people.

Ekel Fiona

Program Assistant

Ekel is a vibrant and energetic young woman with a passion for advocating for sexual reproductive health and rights information to adolescent girls and youth within her community. She holds a diploma in Accounting and Finance and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Community Development and Social Justice at Kyambogo University. Before GUIU, she was a child and youth committee leader at the Kampala Area Federation of Communities. In her free time, she enjoys acting, swimming, traveling, making new friends, and mentoring young girls to be confident leaders.

Annet Kyokutamba

Senior Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Annet is a full-time Seamstress at Mazuri Designs Hub. She is a seamstress by profession with eight years of sewing experience. In the past, Annet worked for a prominent fashion designer in Uganda. She is passionate about her work and believes that developing the skills and creativity of young women will enable them to become economically independent. Annet enjoys passing on tailoring skills to others and enjoys listening to music.

Innocent Komugisha

Senior Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Innocent is a dynamic seamstress who has over 18 years of tailoring experience with various designers and brands in Uganda. She holds a certificate in tailoring. Innocent enjoys innovating and creating designs as well as teaching and inspiring other girls and women to gain a skill which brings about beauty and economic independence. Innocent is a big lover of children and music.

Miriam Kabayo

Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Miriam joined our team as a trainee in the Sewing Our Futures Project (now Mazuri Designs Hub) where she learned how to make different products and was later hired as a Seamstress at Mazuri Designs. She comes to Mazuri with experience in different fields; before joining us, she worked as a receptionist, caterer, and accountant for five years. Miriam is passionate about her work and enjoys seeing and making people happy.

Susan Nantale

Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Susan became part of Girl Up Initiative Uganda as a student in the first cohort of trainees in the Sewing Our Futures Project (now Mazuri Designs Hub) where she gained skills in tailoring and fashion design. She completed and later joined the team as a full-time Seamstress at Mazuri Designs Hub. Susan loves to sing during her free time and hopes to one day become a musician.

Annah Kanowomugisha

Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Annah is a young talented fashion designer. After studying tailoring at Ruhanro Vocational School in Mbarara, she came to Kampala and started working for different fashion companies where she has been able to gain more experience in tailoring. She’s so excited to work with Mazuri Designs. What motivates her is the love for fashion and integrating more fashion ideas into the social enterprise.

Jackeline Akedi

Seamstress, Mazuri Designs

Jackie joined Girl Up Initiative Uganda as a student in the Sewing Our Futures Project where she learned the skill of tailoring and fashion design. Because of her love for fashion and her ability to learn fast, she was hired by Mazuri Designs as a full-time seamstress. She is motivated by the good working relationship she has with her fellow seamstresses and the joy of passing on the skill of tailoring to other young women in the community.

Michael Oonyu

Security Guard

Michael is our Security Officer at Girl Up Initiative Uganda. Before joining GUIU, he worked for four years with Securex Security Organisation, one of the leading security companies in Uganda. He is passionate about safety and providing good custody of peoples’ lives and property. Michael loves reading inspirational books, an activity that accompanies him in his free time. To him, GUIU is like a home away from home where he feels he should stay forever. He loves seeing that GUIU provides the platform for the voices of the voiceless to be heard. Michael encourages all individuals to embrace the rise and empowerment of adolescent girls.

Isaac Anguyo


Isaac has 5 years of experience driving for various clients, including 3 years’ experience within the NGO field in Uganda. He is a self-motivated and creative person with excellent attention and a willingness to learn. Isaac enjoys working as a team, especially with people from different cultures, tribes, and customs.

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