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Women Thriving in Business Giving Circle

Thank you for joining Women Thriving in Business Giving Circle in partnering with Girl Up Initiative Uganda as we invest in Africa’s future female leaders!

Your donation will go directly to our leadership program, the Big Sisters Network, that provides continuous support and mentorship to girls who graduate from our year-long Adolescent Girls Training Program. As Big Sisters, these young leaders will strengthen their leadership skills and learn how to be change agents in their communities through leading outreach sessions, peer mentoring activities, and more. 

By supporting the Big Sisters, you are creating a new movement of female leaders who will have the self-esteem and confidence to not only transform their own lives, but those of their families, friends, communities, and country.

Girl Up Initiative Uganda is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions will be used in its discretion for charitable purposes and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID 46-4518762. 

Thriving Women in Business: Features
Nalunga Aisha.png

"Now I know myself and can make good decisions and I can speak to girls to overcome their challenges. This is because of Girl Up Initiative Uganda helping me and our girls to know that they are also very useful in our country, so that they do not lose their hope of achieving their dreams."

Aisha Nalunga

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