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Supporting Organizational Capacity-Building

The Girl Up team facilitating the training of trainers for two staff members from Women Kisoboka

Have you thought about integrating aspects of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Gender-Based Violence (GBV), and Menstrual Health Management (MHM) into your community interventions but not sure of how to go about it? Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) presents you with an exciting opportunity to interact and learn from our team of knowledgeable coaches. Our coaches are extremely well versed and experienced in many topics surrounding SRHR, GBV prevention, MHM, and gender-awareness and inclusion within organizations. Together, we can create and facilitate an interactive and personalized training session(s) addressing all of your organization’s needs.

Girl Up Initiative Uganda takes strengthening and capacity building seriously, and we believe that doing so facilitates learning and growth, as well as gives individuals a safe space to think differently and effectively. In the past, as well as during these unprecedented times, different organizations have reached out to GUIU for organizational support, either in terms of training their teams (training of trainers approach) or to mentor and support with tools and learning resources. In return, these organizations have worked closely with our coaches to plan logistics such as transportation, meals, and accommodations (when required). Included in this catered-to-fee is an administrative price that contributes to our work empowering and educating young women and girls throughout our communities.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have held training sessions with two organizations: Women Kisoboka and Buiga Sunrise Community Organization. The training of trainers with Women Kisoboka focused on Gender-based Violence (GBV) and was facilitated by GUIU program officers Joan Atimango, Marion Achom, and Hajara Namuyimbwa.

Some of the participants during an activity

The training with Buiga Sunrise Community Organization was comprised of the Village Health Team (VHTs), the police, local chairpersons, and adolescent girls. The purpose of the training was to enhance the skills and capacity of participants on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR), Gender-based Violence (GBV), child protection, girls’ empowerment, and many other important topics surrounding gender dynamics, toxic masculinities, and patriarchal structures.

“We were raised in an era where women were not even supposed to even say a word. Seeing girls and women speaking out makes me happy and proud.” -Kasajja Christopher, Assistant Superintendent of Kampala Police; Buiga Sunrise Community Organization

Besides these two training sessions, we have also carried out trainings for other organizations, for example, Institute for International Cooperation and Development (C&D) in Moroto, and Napak, Omukali Village Arise, and Uganda Youth Network (UYONET). During these engaging sessions, we educated participants on topics surrounding MHM and taught young participants how to make their own reusable sanitary pads. These sessions not only equip organizations and individuals with the language and knowledge to navigate these difficult yet crucially important topics, but also provides a great opportunity for professional, personal, and community development. By sharing this critical information as well as transferable skills, we can work together as a community and country to elevate women and strive for a gender-equal world.  For more details about this, feel free to reach us at

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