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HUGs donates 100 AFRIpads Menstrual Kits to GUIU

Helping Uganda’s Girls (HUGs), our latest partner, has donated 100 AFRIpads Menstrual Kits for the girls in our Adolescent Girls Program. The AFRIpads Menstrual Kits are produced locally in Masaka, Uganda and include 4 reusable sanitary pads made to last for 12+ months. They were delivered to our Luzira office earlier this week and our Program Assistant, Gloria remarked that “They look amazing!”

Gloria with the AFRIpads shipment

This is a huge contribution from HUGs to support our work and mission to ensure that girls have the resources they need, especially during menstruation, to stay in school and excel. At the beginning of this year, when we asked the girls why they wanted to join GUIU many of the girls answered that they want to learn about menstruation and their periods. There is so much stigma and taboo around these issues in girls’ communities and homes, so as Girl Up Uganda we have a huge task to provide the correct information and resources so girls can understand the changes their bodies go through and then they can teach their peers.

100 AFRIpads for our Girl Up Uganda girls

If you have been following us, you may wonder- don’t you have 240 girls in your program this year? What about them? We aim to raise the funds from Ugandan donors to purchase 140 additional AFRIpads kits so that all the girls that graduate from our 2016 program will benefit. We will also continue to train the girls in how to make their own pads during our AGP training section on menstruation and puberty.

The idea for this donation came when our ED, Monica Nyiraguhabwa met Bec Hopkins, founder of HUGs, during a dinner celebration for International Women’s Day organized by The Seed Africa. Monica discussed our work with Bec, especially how in 2015 we under-budgeted the cost of producing 1,000 reusable sanitary pads in our Mazuri workshop and how we couldn’t afford the same production this year. Bec explained the work of HUGs as a community outreach initiative to help girls in need in Uganda by providing bras and reusable sanitary pads to girls. It became clear that Girl Up Uganda and HUGs were working to accomplish the same health benefits for girls- so why not partner up to increase our impact? A partnership was formed and we look forward to working together in the future.

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