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STAFF SPOTLIGHT - Meet Kim, Speedy Wordsmith

Kim Wolf is the Co-Founder and Deputy Executive Director of Girl Up Initiative Uganda. She brings a wealth of experience from the worlds of both donors and NGOs to her role at GUIU. We invite you to get to know more about Coach Kim!

1. What is your favorite part about working at Girl Up?

I love the enthusiasm, energy, and positivity of the Dream Team! I know that anything is possible with our committed teamwork. I have also benefited from the support and mentorship of my fellow co-founders, Monica and Sayid, who have been integral people in my life.

Together, we are stronger than alone and together, we can make a bigger impact in the lives of the people that we serve.

I also love the times that I speak with the girls, young women, and youth in our programs. Sitting down and talking to them about how our programs have encouraged them to re-write their stories and see opportunities for their lives. They inspire me to keep going when the times are tough.

2. What’s one of your special skills or ‘super powers’ you bring to the Girl Up team?

One of my special skills is that I can write and type very fast. I am able to transform the amazing activities that the team conducts into words so that we can raise awareness of the issues for young people in Uganda and increase our partnerships and funding.

3. Why are you passionate about this work? Why is this work needed?

I am passionate about this work because I believe that every girl in the world deserves to know that she matters, that she has a voice that deserves to be listened to, that she is unique and special, and that she can make a positive difference. Looking back at my own adolescence, there were times that I felt empowered and as if I could do anything I dreamed of, and other times when I felt lonely, depressed and sad because of negative friends in my life. I was blessed to have family members and mentors in my life that encouraged me to keep going and never give up on my dreams when I just wanted to cry and stay in bed.

This work is needed so that every girl has someone who believes in her potential and encourages her when times get tough. It is also needed so each girl understands and appreciates her unique strengths, her beautiful body, and her ability to create the future that she wants.

4. What frustrates you about the gender inequality and poverty that you see everyday?

I am frustrated that gender inequality and poverty still exist in this day and age. There is so much abundance in the world, yet there are still people struggling to survive and women and girls who are treated as second class citizens. I am saddened by people who are close-minded and not open to seeing a different way of living, but also understand that living in poverty can greatly limit one’s idea of a positive future. That is why the members of the GUIU dream team continually inspire me (and the people that benefit from their work), because they are proving that one can move beyond the life one was born into.

5. What is your vision for the future… for these girls and women, boys and men; for Uganda; for the world?

I envision a world where every individual has knowledge on their rights and sexual and reproductive health so they can make informed and consensual decisions. It would also be a world where everyone is aware of their special strengths and talents and uses them to make a difference in the life of someone else. If every person practiced daily kindness and compassion, the world would be a very different place.

6. What is your vision for your role in creating that future?

My role is to continue to support and be an advocate for Girl Up Initiative Uganda so that local change agents can provide solutions to local problems.

7. What do you enjoy doing/eating/exploring outside of Girl Up?

I love practicing yoga (I am a certified teacher), meditating, swimming, and dancing. I also love exploring the contours of our mind through reading spiritual books, listening to inspiring podcasts, and writing. I also enjoy traveling and spending time in nature.

8. What is a fun fact about you?

In February, I climbed to the top of Mount Stanley, in the Rwenzori mountains. I dedicated that climb to all the hundreds of girls that we empower because we are strong and powerful beyond what we believe is possible.

We are grateful that Coach Kim and her speediness is part of our team. She encourages us all with her dedication to our work to empower girls, youth, and young women.