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Spreading Girls Education to Another School!

We are happy to announce that we have added another school to join our Adolescent Girls Training Program (AGP) for 2016- Luzira Primary School! This means that for 2016 we will welcome 240 new girls into our program!

Today, I, together with our Program Assistant Gloria Komukama, met with the Head Female Teacher, Mrs. Sarah Kitiyunui to discuss if the school would be interested in joining the AGP program.

[Gloria discussing the Adolescent Girls Program with Teacher Sarah]

It did not take much convincing, as Teacher Sarah knew so well about the challenges that girls face in having access to an education and preventing early pregnancy and marriage. In the middle of our meeting, she was approached by a young girl who whispered something to her. Mrs. Sarah said that she would be right back – she had to go help this girl with sanitary pads because she just started menstruation – proving the great need for our SRH training program to educate girls about menstruation and puberty as well as how to make reusable sanitary pads. We are so pleased to welcome Luzira COU to Girl Up Initiative Uganda. This week Gloria will introduce the leadership and skills education programs for all girls in Primary School Level 4-6 so they can sign up. Trainings will start in two weeks.

The same day, Gloria and I visited Girl Up Uganda’s other two partner schools, St. James Bbiina Primary School and Murchison Bay Primary School to talk with our patron female teachers about selecting and identifying 80 girls from each school to join the 2016 Adolescent Girls Program.

They were excited to see the Girl Up Uganda team after a long vacation due to the presidential elections. As we walked through the schools, students yelled to us “Girl Up!” and some of the boys would say “Boy Up!” During our meetings with the teachers we also came up with a preliminary list of girls that are eligible for school scholarships since we are supporting ten girls this year with school fees. More details to follow!

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