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Results of our 2015 Nonprofit Donation Campaign

Girl Up Initiative Uganda would like to thank all our generous donors, supporters, and friends for your tax-deductible donations to our 2015 end-of-the-year Generosity campaign!

Launched on December 1st, 2015 in celebration of Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back, our team was excited to try a new online platform to collect charity donations. It was the first time we used a crowd funding site since our early days in 2013 when we first fundraised for Girl Up Initiative Uganda on Indiegogo, so we were a bit uncertain of the reception from our supporters and donors.

We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive response! Over the month of December, Girl Up Initiative Uganda raised a total of $4,340 (both online and offline), which was more than 50% of our target goal!

The wonderful benefit of choosing as our fundraising platform was that it did not take a percentage of the donation amount we collected. Aside from credit card processing fees, 100% of the funds raised went towards our nonprofit programs in Uganda to educate and empower women and girls living in urban slum areas.

3 Ways your Donations Make a Difference

The challenges that women and girls face globally can feel insurmountable, and the amount that each individual gives can feel too small. But, your support does make a difference. With 32 individual donors supporting our campaign, every amount counts – from the $5 donation to the $1,000 donation.

Here’s how your donations will make a difference in the lives of the women and girls impacted by our programs:

1) To further equip and professionalize our African-style sewing and tailoring business, Mazuri Designs, so that the social business can become profitable and self-sustaining. Mazuri aims to train seamstresses and be a source of income for vulnerable young women in a context of very high unemployment and limited employment opportunities.

2) To cover the remaining costs of our Adolescent Girls Training Program so we can provide materials for the skills training in the Girl Up Clubs and organize another end-of-the-year graduation day for all 225 girls that will join our program this year. The graduation is important to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and growth of all the girls.

3) To allow us to provide fair living wage salaries for our staff members who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Girl Up continues to go UP! Without our dedicated staff, none of our work would ever be accomplished. Many of our team started with us as unpaid volunteers because they believe strongly in the work we are doing and have the necessary skills and education to contribute to our growth and efforts. The ability to provide our valuable staff with a living wage is a necessary aspect of operating Girl Up Initiative Uganda and we are all grateful for our ability to do this with your support.

Thank you again for your charitable contributions to ensure that 2016 is another year of growth and expansion for Girl Up Initiative Uganda! We are all partners in creating a more free, healthy, and joyful life for girls and women in Uganda.

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