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Announcing our Partnership with Plan International Uganda

Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) is proud to announce that we have become official partners with Plan International Uganda as the district-level CSO implementing partner for its Ni-Yetu (meaning ‘it is ours’ in Swahili) Youth Program. GUIU will support Plan International Uganda and the national-level CSOs (UYONET, CEDOVIP, and Straight Talk Foundation) to implement all activities of Ni-Yetu in Kampala district. The three-year program funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), integrates the promotion of youth sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and prevention of gender based violence (GBV) among young people in five districts of Uganda.

In the first year, Girl Up Uganda will work with the national partners in the selection and training of youth peer educators (both boys and girls), organize peer-led outreach sessions and community dialogue meetings, coordinate SRH and GBV service camps, and strengthen local drama clubs.

An exciting thing about this partnership with Plan International Uganda is that GUIU will greatly benefit from the various capacity building trainings for our staff since a large part of the program is to increase the capacity of youth-led organizations, like us!

Secondly, we are pleased about the program’s focus on training male peer educators. While we understand the urgent need to include boys and men in our programs, our limited ability hasn’t allowed us to do so. With this partnership, we will have the competancy and knowledge to meaningfully engage with young men and boys in all areas of Kampala so that they can become effective anti-GBV change agents. Both male and female peer educators will be out in the community advocating for youth rights and the end of harmful cultural practices against girls and young women, i.e. early and forced marriages, culture of silence, domestic violence, etc.

For the Ni-Yetu Youth Program we are pleased to bring on board two of our most dedicated volunteers, Clare Tusingwire and Allan Denis Zziwa as full time Project Officers.

We will receive support from Plan International Uganda over the next three years to cover program implementation and capacity building costs. The relationships we will form, the knowledge we will gain, and our growing exposure in Uganda will allow us to build and extend our reach throughout all areas of Kampala while building a stronger foundation for our future successes.

We will continue to provide updates on our learnings and progress, so that you can follow our exciting journey to inspire, educate and empower all youth in Kampala to be active change agents for the future of Uganda!

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