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Sewing Project for Women's Empowerment continues to Materialize

Girl Up Uganda's tailoring initiative Sewing Our Futures continues to grow and gather momentum. This is one the corner-stone income-generating activities Girl Up hopes will help young women and mothers in particular, to lift themselves out of poverty and provide for their children without having to rely on a men or engage in high-risk behaviors and activities. The project gives them options, and in some cases a new start in life. Launched in March 2015 for three dedicated young women who wanted to begin careers in sewing, two other women have now joined the project and Girl Up team in different capacites. Innocensia Komugisha, experienced in tailoring and fashion design and a local of the Luzira community; and Janice Nason, a business Development and Marketing Advisor who is based in Chicago to help

determine best practices for marketing and sales activities to impact growth in Uganda and abroad via online strategies.

The program includes training sessions in business and entrepreneurial skills such as sales, savings, management, financial administration, and marketing strategies. With more fabric at their disposal, the sewing project team is creating more designs and sketches. The ladies are already making local sales, and we hope to see it expand so that all graduates can employed be full-time!

Comment below and let us know what you think of the samples and designs, as well as what you would like to see added to the collection.

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