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The Rising Sun


being a girl child in this society

Where patriarchy is the order of the day

Where it is okay for a boy child to infringe on my rights to movements, speech and expression and...

Where it’s very okay for me to sit at home without education since i will be married off by "a rich man".

Where my brother is given sandals and i walk bare footed.. Oohh...

Just like a rising sun in the morning

giving light to the new day

Girl Up has given us a new chapter in life.

I can now move with my head raised high.

I walk as a victor

I am awaken

I am empowered

I am alert

for I now who I am

and am ready to stay in school no matter what.

I will not keep quiet, I will make ALL the necessary noise

To prove my worth in this man's world.

Poem written by GUIU intern, Zziwa Allan Denis, and presented by Girl Up Club members at Murchison Bay Primary School launch on July 10, 2015.

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