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We are excited to announce that our book, We Have Something To Say: True Stories From Adolescent Girls Growing Up In The Slums Of Kampala, is published and now officially available on Amazon!

All proceeds from the book go directly to our Adolescent Girls Program.


Our book, We Have Something To Say, began in the summer of 2017, when a conversation between a GUIU volunteer and an adolescent girl sparked the idea for a collection of stories that would give girls a platform to be the voice for all girls around the world who experience poverty and inequality.

The result is a gorgeous compilation of colorful photos accompanying stories from sixteen remarkable girls who are changing the status quo and daring to dream bigger dreams. We Have Something To Say is a celebration of the strength and resiliency of these girls, and of what opportunities open for them when they are given an education, encouragement and mentorship.

Get the book and see for yourself: these girls are amazing; their stories, inspiring; and their images speak volumes. What else is possible for adolescent girls around the world when their stories are shared?


What Readers are Saying About the Book

“This book is incredible, inspiring, empowering and beautiful. I love this book ! It has the best energy!!! The girls’ stories are powerful. The creation and collaboration is so fantastic.”

Amy Hudgens

“Despite all odds these girls are taking charge of their lives and daring to dream bigger dreams. What an inspiration to all girls and women around the globe!”

Shalini Joshi Yamdagni

“Your purchase of this book is an investment in girls who are being uplifted and given a chance to thrive beyond the poverty and inequality they're growing up in.”

Kendra Thornbury


More About Our Book

Watch our video where Megan Walrod, Book Co-Creator, shares some of the behind the scenes stories of the book’s creation. Check it out here.

Listen to Megan’s interview on the “Community for the Soul” podcast here.

Interested in interviewing Kim, Monica and/or Megan about our book on your podcast, radio or TV show? Contact us here.


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