Ni-Yetu Youth Program


Girl Up Initiative Uganda is partnering with Plan International Uganda as a district-led CSO for the Ni-Yetu Youth Project to empower young people 13-24 years with correct knowledge, attitude and skills for reducing gender-based violence (GBV) and improving their SRHR (sexual and reproductive health) outcomes. The Ni-Yetu Youth Project is a gender transformative project that looks at challenging negative social norms and practices that affect SRHR outcomes amongst young people.


Peer Education Training & Outreach

We employ the peer-to-peer learning approach to spread messages around sexual and reproductive health and rights, social protection, and life skills through youth leaders (including those living with disabilities). Our team has identified 30 out-of-school youth who have been trained as peer educators to conduct interactive outreach sessions in their slum communities. 

Street Theatre

Street theatre, or forum theatre, is an innovative and interactive approach to community outreach. GUIU supports youth drama groups to conduct street theatre performances in all five divisions of Kampala focusing on issues of SRHR and GBV.

Mulwana Mmereguliwa- male change agent-min.png

Male Change Agents Mobilization

Engagement with key male stakeholders is a key ingredient to achieve gender equality. Male change agents are trained and hold monthly community dialogues with men in their communities to provide a safe space to question harmful and traditional norms regarding gender relations, masculinities, and manhood.

Youth-Friendly SRHR Health Camps

There is a huge need to provide sexual and reproductive health services to youth free of charge in their communities. Together with health clinics, GUIU organizes integrated SRH and GBV service camps for youth to access and utilize SRH/GBV health services, information, and counseling in a violent-free environment.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Education and awareness of youth sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially the prevention of gender-based violence, is at the core of the Ni-Yetu Youth Program. It is crucial that all young people are provided with correct and appropriate SRHR information so they can make informed choices about their bodies and relationships.


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