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The Adolescent Girls Program (AGP) empowers in-school adolescent girls to be leaders; reach their full educational potentials; and make healthy and informed choices. The AGP provides girls with the skills, knowledge, tools, mentorship, and support to develop their self-confidence and voice to thrive as leaders in their schools and communities.


of girls can refuse

unwanted sexual 


of girls believe in
their power to
improve their lives

of girls hold leadership 
positions in their schools


Adolescent Girls Program Success Stories

I love my studies and Girl Up Initiative Uganda because they helped me to have self-esteem, be confident and avoid bad peer groups. I have learnt to be confident and to speak out on anything that is not comfortable for me. I love my coaches and parents. May God bless them all.

Shaluwa Nakandi


Ni Yetu Youth Program

Girl Up Initiative Uganda is partnering with Plan International Uganda as a district-led CSO for the Ni-Yetu Youth Project to empower young people 13-24 years with correct knowledge, attitude and skills for reducing gender-based violence (GBV) and improving their SRHR (sexual and reproductive health) outcomes. The Ni-Yetu Youth Project is a gender transformative project that looks at challenging negative social norms and practices that affect SRHR outcomes amongst young people.

of Boy Champions 
of Change agree that a girl should state her opinions in public


of Champions of Change participants increased their

 knowledge on how STIs are spread

increase in
participants seeking out SRH services


Ni Yetu Youth Program Success Stories

Before I joined the Champions of Change program, I was shy, wasn’t gender aware, I always thought girls can’t do what boys do. I and my friends always laughed at the one girl who plays soccer on our team but after attending several sessions about gender, assertive communication and the power dynamics, my mindset changed I got to know that both boys and girls should have equal rights, what I can do, Juliet can do, we all have a stake in gender equality.

Solomon Ojok


Our Big Sisters Network Program ensures the continued engagement and access to girl-firendly resources of our AGP graduates. The network offers a supportive environment to nurture and inspire emerging girl leaders through confidence-building exercises, leadership trainings, mentorship, and community advocacy campaigns.

of Big Sisters actively seek out leadership roles in their schools & communities

of Big Sisters believe they can effectively create a budget to manage their finances

of Big Sisters feel empowered to make informed decisions about their own Sexual & Reproductive Health


Big Sisters Camp Success Stories


I have learnt a lot of skills, especially how to socialize with others.


Mazuri Designs Hub, previously Young Women’s Economic Empowerment Program (YWEEP), is our social enterprise business that sells beautiful African clothing and accessories while also offering vocational training in fashion, design, and tailoring and entrepreneurial and personal skills training for out-of-school vulnerable young women, ages 16-35 years, to build their confidence and create employment opportunities.

of young women
increased their income
from selling
sewing products

of young women now
have a high belief in
and their abilities


Mazuri Designs Hub Success Stories

Learning how to sew different fashions is the most significant change I see in my life since joining the program. With the skills I have acquired, I want to buy my own sewing machine and start up a small business so that I can take good care of myself and my family.

Salimah Thabiiti


2018 Annual Report, Form 990


2017 Annual Report, Form 990EZ

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