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Empowering Ugandan Girls & Youth

To Thrive & Lead

Give 2019: About Us

Girl Up Uganda's 2019 Impact

Because of you, we have touched the lives of 14,453 Ugandan girls, boys,
youth, parents, teachers, local leaders, and community members through our
education, health, leadership, and economic empowerment programs.

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Girls Graduated 
from the Adolescent Girls Program

Best-Esther giving a speech-min (1).JPG

of Mazuri Hub graduates
now have high

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Youth Accessed

Free Sexual Health Services

Give 2019: Features

"I am going to encourage other girls to fight for their dreams."

Cissy, 15 years old, Big Sister 

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Give 2019: Quote


There are some things in life that are planned, and others that are full of surprises! This year, we planned for new and exciting additions to our programs, and were amazed by unplanned excitements: like our visit with Oprah!

Give 2019: News
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Breakfast with 
Oprah Winfrey

In October, Oprah Winfrey generously invited, co-founders Monica and Kimberly, to her home to share in a conversation on the power of girls to change the world and how organizations such as Girl Up Initiative Uganda can support and encourage girls despite their often traumatic and difficult upbringings.

Our First Big
Sister Camp!

Our dream of holding a residential camp for our Big Sisters (alumni of the Adolescent Girls Program) was realized in May 2019! 210 girls converged for a 4-day camp where they laughed, learned, danced, and were inspired to continue on their mentorship and leadership journeys.

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Ni-Yetu for 5 More Years!

GUIU was selected by Plan International Uganda to join the next five-year framework of the Ni-Yetu Youth Program from 2019 to 2024! Over the next five years, we will collaborate with peer educators and community structures to promote sexual and reproductive health and rightss! 


We are ready for our biggest year yet as we plan to: 

~ Empower 1,600 girls with transformational education

~ Engage 560 boys to be gender advocates

~ Train 100 teachers on child and gender-friendly school policies

~ Develop vocational skills for 45 young women


Give 2019: About Us

Join Us & Empower a Girl Today

At Girl Up Uganda, we are on a mission to build a vibrant movement of girls! Join us to empower 1,600 girls in 2020 with the necessary education, skills, and tools to mentor over 8,000 more girls so that more girls can be leaders and change-makers in their communities.

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Give 2019: About Us
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