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The Shadow Pandemic- GUIU’s Response to Gender-Based Violence During COVID-19

"As we know from other crises, girls and women are the most vulnerable. There are increasing incidences of gender-based violence as men are under more mental and economic stress. People don’t know how to resolve conflict in the home." - Clare Tusingwire, GUIU’s Program Director The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent national lockdown has increased adolescent girls’ vulnerability to gender-based violence (GBV). Therefore, our gender-responsive approach to the pandemic has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the rates of GBV are on the rise. UN Women (2020) is calling this a ‘shadow pandemic’ of growing violence against women as 90 countries went into lockdown, resulting

GUIU's COVID-19 Response: A Look into our Distribution

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), which was recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) has not only affected the global population health wise, but also socially, psychologically, and economically. In Uganda, COVID-19 has affected and is still affecting the entire population, however it has disproportionate effects on the lives of people in the most vulnerable situations. The majority of those in vulnerable situations are not able to afford even one meal a day, they have no access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities, they live in cramped homes and compounds making physical distancing nearly impossible, and so many others barriers to their health and well-being. (Fa

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