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Agents of Change - Engaging Religious Leaders in Championing Gender Equality

Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) believes in the importance of engaging with religious leaders to increase their potential as agents of change in the communities where we implement our programs. If we are to achieve our mission of creating a gender equal world where girls can thrive and lead, we recognize that we must not only engage with participants in our programs, but also those in positions of authority in their communities. Building a gender equal world involves influential leaders taking a stand to challenge unequal social norms so that girls are provided with equal opportunities to lead and achieve their dreams. One group of influential leaders in Ugandan society are religious leader

Staff Training Day: Gaining Skills In Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Girl Up Initiative Uganda is committed to its mission to build a vibrant movement of girls through transformative leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and skills development. In order to do this, our team needs to continually assess the impact we are making and how this is helping us to achieve our short and long term goals. This means that we place a high value on maintaining standards of quality, accountability, and transparency in how we run our programs. We put special emphasis on our monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems so we can continually improve our programs and track impact over time. Therefore, through our process of monitoring, evaluating, and learning fr

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