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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Meet Joan Atimango, Compassionate Trainer and Singer

Joan Atimango, joined Girl Up Initiative Uganda as a volunteer in her Senior six vacation in 2016 and later she was promoted to Program Assistant for the Ni-Yetu Youth Program. She is also a Champions of Change facilitator, a program which aims to promote gender equality and create positive social norm change through working with boys and girls sports teams in Uganda. Joan is passionate about her work because she believes that through education and mentorship of adolescent girls change will be created. Get to know Joan better in our interview below! 1. What is your favorite part about working at Girl Up? My favorite part about my work is leading training sessions when I get to engage directl

Promoting Women's Entrepreneurship in the Acholi Quarters

The Young Women Economic Empowerment Program (YWEEP) is a program initiated by Girl Up Initiative Uganda to improve the economic livelihoods of young women living in slum areas of Kampala. The program creates economic opportunities for young women to increase their income and become economically empowered and self-sufficient. As part of the program, we offer entrepreneurial and business trainings to groups of women in different slum communities in Kampala. Women in this program are provided with the space and support to develop their business ideas and learn new skills on entrepreneurship and business development, for example in bookkeeping, saving, business marketing, communication skills a

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