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STAFF SPOTLIGHT- Meet Jane Tushabe, Accounting Queen

In June 2016, Jane Tushabe joined our Girl Up Initiative Uganda team as a Financial Accountant. In the past year and a half, Jane has led our team through our first financial audits with success and has been a pillar in our work. Since her childhood, Jane has aspired to work at a bank. Due to the challenges that she faced while pursuing her education, her passion was ignited to work with an organization like Girl Up Initiative Uganda that supports the education of vulnerable girls in slum communities. We are so lucky to have Jane on our team and we invite you to get to know her better through our interview: 1. What is your favorite part about working at Girl Up Initiative Uganda? It’s a fami

Building Sustainable Livelihoods for Young Women

(Photo: Coach Carol having a group discussion with participants) "Uganda has one of the highest rates of young women out of the labor force (86 percent), with high gender disparities in unemployment rates for youth.” (World Bank, 2014) This statistic points to the challenges that young women face in building sustainable livelihoods. Given the extreme rates of unemployment among young women it crucial to ensure that female youth have the skills to allow them to succeed in the informal sector and as entrepreneurs. This is the main aim of our Young Women’s Economic Empowerment Program- to improve the livelihoods and economically empower out-of-school female youth through developing their entrep

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