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Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child!

October 11th marked the International Day of the Girl Child (IDG). This day is dedicated to raising awareness of the unique challenges girls face around the world, such as: Poverty Inequality Gender based violence Sexual harassment and abuse Forced early marriage Teenage pregnancies And more As well as promoting girls’ rights to basic education, medical treatment, protection from social and economic exploitation, and more. Most importantly, it is a day to celebrate our girls for their strength, resilience, creativity, beauty and unique expression! At Girl Up Initiative Uganda, we honored the International Day of the Girl Child in many different ways. We asked the girls how they wanted to cel

Let’s Talk About Sexual & Reproductive Health!

How do you talk with adolescents about sex? It is not an easy task for anyone! Even those of us here at Girl Up Initiative Uganda who are trained to educate youth on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) feel uncomfortable at times when it comes to sharing freely about the different body parts and body changes that adolescents go through. That is why we were so grateful to Marva Zohar, a midwife from Israel, who delivered a special SRH training for the Girl Up team. Not only did she give us key information that will help us break the myths many adolescents believe about sex, she also helped us see how essential it is to educate youth on their body parts. Marva shared a story with us about a y

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