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4Ps to Start and Run an NGO

These 4Ps sum up some of the main virtues to remember on the windy and overcast road of establishing an NGO: 1) Patience Everything that has worth, takes time. This has been a personal and professional lesson that I have had to learn the hard way. In this age of instant communication and satisfaction, this virtue has to be cultivated consciously and with care. Patience is a practice. When Monica and I decided to start Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU), we knew that there would be hurdles and challenges, but without knowing what they would be (besides funding), we could not prepare wisely. Be patient with everything that comes on your path and have trust that it will all make sense that day yo

Seeking Videographers and Photographers

Girl Up Initiative Uganda is actively seeking a Volunteer Videographer and Photographer located in Kampala to shoot and edit photos and videos from our trainings, performances and events. We’re looking for an individual or individuals who have a desire to help and assist with our programs to empower marginalized young women and adolescent girls. The ideal candidate can creatively showcase our work with photography and/or videography and has experience in editing and knowledge of equipment. If you are a contractor or freelance, we will be more than happy to mention your business on our social media platforms as well as include you as a partner on our website. Please contact Kim at kim@girlupu

Girl Up Initiative Uganda Facilitators Available for Sanitary Pads Training

Experienced facilitators from Girl Up Initiative Uganda are now available for external reusable sanitary pads trainings! In the past weeks, our young women facilitators from the Adolescent Girls Program have been hired to teach women and girls around Uganda how to make their own reusable sanitary pads. This hands-on training is combined with education in menstruation, puberty, and other sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues. As we have previously mentioned menstruation matters, since good menstrual management and hygiene is a huge concern for adolescent girls in Uganda, and many other developing countries. Since it is a taboo subject, many girls have never received correct information

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