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In Her Words - Feedback on GUIU's Girls Training in SRHR

This is the second in a three part series focusing on economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, and general leadership learnings shared by our Girl Up Club members. In the two primary schools Girl Up Initiative Uganda works in, sexual and reproductive healthand rights (SRHR) isn't a subject that's part of the formal school curriculum. For both genders, understanding the changes a body goes through during puberty and menstruation, how to take care of oneself to stay healthy and, most importantly, how to avoid pregnancy, are critical topics to be covered. For the girls we work with, education on sexual and reproductive health and rights can improve confidence levels, self-esteem, o

Creating Safe Spaces for Adolescent Girls to Work and Play

Photo: Girl Up girls playing football (soccer) outside the GUIU office in Kampala. Last week Saturday, October 24th, 2015, girls from St. James Bbiina Primary School visited the Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) office to enjoy a day of sports, video recording, and reading. The main idea was for the girls to be part of a storytelling experience, where they could get the chance to share what impact the GUIU program is having on their lives with the staff, as well as enjoy a fun and safe space as we intended the GUIU office environment to be. The day was made possible thanks to the GUIU staff, teachers, and generous supporters from Monte Vista Elementary School in Santa Barbara, CA - GUIU's par

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