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Youth Voices Can Make a Difference!

August 12th, 2015 was International Youth Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the role youth will and currently are playing as we work to achieve sustainable human development. Their engagement and participation is essential, and Girl Up Initiative Uganda has a particular interest in the strength and reach young people can bring to the cause of women and girls empowerment in Uganda and across the globe. Our very own program assistant Gloria Kokukama (18), in the videos below, talks briefly about the importance of empowering girls through education; as well as giving youth the skills and platform to be heard and affect such change for the betterment of their communities. This was in light of

Musings of a Global Feminist

GUIU staff member training girls how to make reusable sanitary wear. (Photo credit: GUIU) Different kinds of oppression exist around the world, but for this post I will focus on gender oppression in sub-Saharan Africa and the US. Being a woman often times leaves one at a disadvantage, no matter where one lives in both these places. The US also happens to be a place where people are quickly placed into categories -- through stereotypes and generalizations-- and I have come to learn that being a woman of color adds a layer of complexity which exposes one to additional forms and degrees of discrimination. That said, women and girls have more freedom and opportunities in the US, and exposure to

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