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Girl Up Initiative Uganda featured on NTV News!

Girl Up Initiative Uganda featured on NTV News!July 31, 2015Girl Up Initiative Uganda co-founder Monica highlighting our life-changing work for young women and girls. Our first feature with NTV News! In the comments below share your thoughts on her interview. Below is a transcript of the video: Girl Up Initiative campaigns against early sex and marriage Narrator: Monica Nyiraguhabwa is a young, bubbly woman passionate about helping underprivileged girls younger than she is. She grew up in a sprawling slum in Luzira and studied within the confines of prison at Murchison Bay Primary School. For a girl who emerged out of a wretched life, where many odds were stacked against her, three years ago

The Rising Sun

Ohh..... being a girl child in this society Where patriarchy is the order of the day Where it is okay for a boy child to infringe on my rights to movements, speech and expression and... Where it’s very okay for me to sit at home without education since i will be married off by "a rich man". Where my brother is given sandals and i walk bare footed.. Oohh... Just like a rising sun in the morning giving light to the new day Girl Up has given us a new chapter in life. I can now move with my head raised high. I walk as a victor I am awaken I am empowered I am alert for I now who I am and am ready to stay in school no matter what. I will not keep quiet, I will make ALL the necessary noise To prov

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