Who We Are


Our Vision

A gender equal world where girls thrive and lead.


Our Mission

To build a vibrant movement of girls through transformative leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and skills development.


Our Added Value

Urban Focus: We are demystifying and challenging the stereotypes around girls’ empowerment in urban contexts. Our predominantly urban-focused programming targets the often ‘forgotten’ category of urban girls who are equally in need of empowerment and development programming as their rural peers.

Gender Focus: We are investing in building a movement of gender-conscious adolescents and youth to challenge negative gender norms and stereotypes. Our beneficiaries are fully equipped to question and examine patriarchy and power that limit the full potential of both girls and boys.

Youth-led Innovative Approaches: Our programs are built on youth approaches to change, including the use of the peer-to-peer learning model. We encourage young people to design, deliver, and evaluate programs that speak to their issues in a youth-friendly language and manner. In the process, we build their capacities for continued influencing.

Digital Edge: GUIU has built a strong online media presence to engage with the public. Through the use of social media, and particularly videos, we can tell stories to influence public and individual mindsets. We will continue to invest in social media and communication as a disruptive approach to youth and public engagement and advocacy.


Our Strategies

Strengthen leadership and confidence

  • Comprehensive Trainings

  • Mentorship & Counselling

  • Big Sister Camps

Invest in sexual & reproductive health services & education

  • SRH service provision

  • Peer-to-peer learning

  • Educational campaigns including social media engagement

Transform unequal gender norms

  • Male engagement  

  • Gender-based violence prevention

  • Media & music campaigns 

Build economic independence

  • Vocational skills training

  • Business mentoring

  • Employment opportunities


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